Roof Cleaning

Utilising both scraping and low-pressure jet washing, we're able to tailor your roof clean to you, depending on your desired result and the type of roof tiles you have - both producing a transformative result! 

Being trained to work at height, we can use mobile scaffold towers, scaffolding, or if the pitch allows us to, we can utilise our extendable jet washing poles from the ground. Alternatively, we would scrape and soft wash the roof, using extendable poles paired with wire brushes or stainless steel roof cleaning plates and a biocide treatment. 

All roof cleans come with a complimentary gutter clear, so don't worry about your downpipes or water butts getting blocked! We'll plan the process of the clean, taking in the potential risks, hazards and nuances in advance.

"Roof cleaning and wash down. Highly recommended. Very professional and thorough job."

— Elliot T.